A war on terror or a war on counter-terror?

The government of Dubai has asked the FBI to assist it in investigating the murder of Hamas terror chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, according to The National, an Abu Dhabi-based UAE English-language paper. The FBI would assist by looking into the prepaid credit cards of the suspects who have been named in the killing, most of which were issued by the same Iowa bank, MetaBank. In the process, it would be probing for links between the alleged assassins and the Mossad.
According to the same report, the FBI would neither confirm nor deny that Dubai has requested its assistance in this matter.
One hopes that, even in the Obama/Holder administration, the FBI would reject such a request out of hand. Mabhouh’s status as a terrorist is undisputed. Mahmoud Nassar, his right hand man, has told how, after capturing and killing two IDF soldiers, Mabhouh celebrated by standing on one of the bodies and raising his hands to the sky while proclaiming, “Praise God who honored me with capturing and killing him.”
The U.S., which murders terrorist leaders in Afghanistan without batting an eye, should respond to Mabhouh’s murder by offering silent praise to those who killed him. It should not respond by devoting taxpayer funded resources to investigating the specifics of this good deed.
Whatever role law enforcement should pay in the war on terror, it should not be brought to bear as a means of warring against counter-terrorism.


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