In denial

Our friend Steve Hayward is the author of the The Age of Reagan (a history in two volumes) as well as the annual Index of Leading Environmental Indicators. Steve’s 2009 Index was the fourteenth edition of this work.
In December 2009 Steve took a look at the Climategate emails in “Scientists behaving badly.” In the cover story of the new issue of the Weekly Standard, Steve widens the scope of his examination to take account of all the recent revelations and scandals that have rocked the global warming crusade. Steve writes:

The climate campaign is a movement unable to hide its decline. Skeptics and critics of climate alarmism have long been called “deniers,” with the comparison to Holocaust denial made explicit, but the denier label now more accurately fits the climate campaigners.

For those of us who have had a hard time keeping up with the unfolding story and placing particular disclosures in the larger context of the global warming crusade, Steve’s long article is a valuable contribution.


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