Who’s A Terrorist Now?

One of the key arguments of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign was that he would improve America’s image around the world. This idea was based on the false assumption that anti-Americanism was due to factors peculiar to the Bush administration, as opposed to the basic realities of America’s role in the world and the hostility that many feel toward our values and interests. Thus, anyone foolish enough to believe that electing Obama would transform our international relationships must be disappointed.
Most recently, student protests have broken out in Indonesia against Obama’s planned visit to the land of his youth. One might think that Indonesia, especially, would welcome Obama as a favorite son. But Muslims in the world’s largest Muslim country don’t see it that way. Here, protesters hurl shoes at a picture of Obama:
Most liberals liked it when an Islamic militant threw his shoe at George Bush. I’ve seen no comment on their feelings about having the same courtesy extended to Obama.
The students also call Obama a terrorist:
In reality, any President who takes the most elementary measures to protect American security–drone strikes, say–is a “terrorist” in the eyes of Islamic radicals. Welcome to Israel’s world, Barack.