Is Greece Our Future?

Greece’s financial collapse is turning into theater of the absurd. Today, public employees in Athens staged an occupation of a government building to dramatize their demand that they be maintained at taxpayer expense, in the style to which they have become accustomed, forever. Even though there is no more money:

Dozens of civil servants occupied a government printing building Saturday in the latest expression of public anger against debt-driven austerity measures as Greece’s premier vowed they would pay off.
The sit-in by interior ministry workers in Athens began late Friday, after a fresh bout of nationwide strikes and protests.
The protesters unfurled a banner in front of the national printing office scrawled with the words “Occupation”, and “Enough is enough,” police said, in a bid to prevent the latest round of parliament-approved austerity measures from being published in the government gazette.

Actually, “enough is enough” seems like an apt slogan for Greek taxpayers. Can Greece recover? We should hope so. If the present trend, or anything like it, continues, we may be looking at our future.


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