The Gitmo volunteers

I missed Andrew McCarthy’s NRO column “The Gitmo volunteers” when it was posted online this past Friday. It bears on the issues Paul, John and I have addressed in commenting on the Keep America Safe ad seeking the identity of those previously unidentified Obama administration Department of Justice lawyers who represented or advocated on behalf of Guantanamo detainees. I know from reading our email that McCarthy gives voice to the views of many Power Line readers and wanted to be sure you didn’t miss his column.
Via Keep America Safe.
PAUL adds: I agree with Scott that Andy McCarthy’s column should not be missed. I also agree with many of Andy’s points, some of which I made in my initial post on the subject.
Here’s the statement I found most interesting:

[I]t is. . .ludicrous to suggest that we are forbidden from drawing the obvious conclusion that a lawyer who makes such a decision [to volunteer his services to America’s enemies] is predisposed to condemn the United States and to sympathize with America’s enemies on some level.

The phrase “on some level” is doing a great deal of work for Andy here. There may well be “some level” on which the attorney sympathizes with his or her terrorist detainee client, who (except perhaps in cases of mistaken identity) is America’s enemy. But one cannot fairly conclude from the mere fact of the legal representation that the attorney shares al Qaeda’s values or is “al Qaeda”.
I think Liz Cheney is taking the right line in disavowing any attack on the loyalty of the DOJ lawyers in question.


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