Do you miss him yet?

Professor Stanley Fish observes that signs of the rehabilitation of George Bush’s reputation are beginning to pop up. One, he notes, is literally a sign, a billboard that appeared recently on I-35 in our own backyard with a picture of Bush smiling genially and waving his hand in a friendly gesture. The sign simply asks: “Miss me yet?” (The sign is the handiwork of some local small businessmen who have chosen to remain anonymous. The sign appropriately sits in the congressional district represented by Michele Bachmann.)
Professor Fish suggests that the story of Bush’s reputational recovery, if that is what it is, in part rests on the vindication that events are providing to Bush’s policies and objectives. According to Professor Fish, this tentative vindication “is a story that intersects with another, the story of the precipitous decline in Barack Obama’s support and of a growing suspicion, found on the left as well as on the right, where it is much more than a suspicion, that the politics of change may have been a slogan with less promise in its future than ‘Mission Accomplished.'”