Matt Drudge is trumpeting the fact that Senate staffers have been warned to stay away from the Drudge Report on the theory that it may be spreading computer viruses. (If the old rules apply, that is libel per se, isn’t it?) What I thought was even more entertaining was the Drudge Report’s traffic totals:

The [Drudge Report] was seen 149,967 times since March 1st from users at senate.gov and 244,347 times at house.gov. [There were] 10,825 visits from the White House, eop.gov,” the Drudge Report wrote.

These numbers appeared on March 8; do the math: 18,750 times a day, Senators and their staffers visit the Drudge Report–187.5 times a day for each Senator; 30,543 times a day Congressmen and their staffers check in on Drudge–70 times a day for each Congressional office; and, most comical of all, 1,353 times a day President Obama’s White House staffers log on to the Report. The war is over. Drudge won it.