Is Wilders wrong? Roger Simon’s take

Our friend Roger Simon examines the criticism leveled against Geert Wilders by Glenn Beck and Charles Krauthammer, which I addressed here and here. Roger agrees with my pro-Wilders take. He believes that Wilders makes us uncomfortable because “if Wilders is correct, and the line between Islam and Islamism is as blurred as the Dutchman posits, then we in the West are in very deep trouble indeed.”
Wilders also makes many conservatives uncomfortable because, as Roger notes, he called for banning the Koran in Holland the way Mein Kampf is restricted in that country, to scholars in libraries — a step I oppose. Wilders has said he never really wanted a true banning and that he made his call to give publicity to this issue in his country.
If so, this was a misguided way to go about generating publicity. But it doesn’t seriously detract from Roger’s conclusion that Wilders “is a highly intelligent man on the front lines of the struggle for a secular and free Europe and should not be dismissed – or misunderstood.”


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