Jeffrey Goldberg considers the Daily Ditch

The Daily Ditch is my preferred name for Andrew Sullivan’s Atlantic blog. Sullivan’s almost unbelievable ignorance of history was my central theme in “Obama veers into the Daily Ditch.” Now comes Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg to note that “Andrew Sullivan revises history (again).” The topic sentence of Goldberg’s lead says it all: “Andrew Sullivan should be thankful that The Atlantic’s fact-checking department has no purview over the magazine’s website.” Indeed.
Goldberg has appended this update to his exposé of Sullivan: “When I implied above that a magazine with standards would not allow Andrew to misinterpret history, I should have stated that the Atlantic’s website has no fact-checking standards, and not that it has no standards at all.” Well, thanks for clearing that up, but the point stands. And anyone who bothers to read Sullivan’s post will see that the Atlantic’s website has no standards of taste either.
I continue to find it shocking that one of America’s premier magazines hosts and promotes Sullivan’s ignorance and bile. it is gratifying that one of the Atlantic’s national correspondents has had the temerity to speak up about Sullivan from inside the asylum.
Via Republic.