Is the Gitmo bar pro-Islamist? Andy McCarthy replies

Andy McCarthy has replied to my post called “Is the Gitmo Bar Pro-Islamist?” and to a post on the same issue by Jonah Goldberg. Among Andy’s points is that the Gitmo bar is not a monolith and that, indeed, there are important differences among that bar’s former members at DOJ.
I agree with this. And, though I still haven’t seen evidence that would justify calling any of these lawyers pro-al Qaeda or pro-Islamist, my future writing on the Gitmo bar will probably focus not on labels (having more or less exhausted my arguments — and perhaps our readers’ patience — on this matter) but on the specific conduct of specific lawyers.
By usefully contrasting two DOJ lawyers — Solicitor General Neal Katyal and Jennifer Daskal of DOJ’s National Security Division — Andy, as usual, beats me to the punch.