One flew over the Daily Ditch

In “Andrew Sullivan revises history (again),” Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg sagely observed that “Andrew Sullivan should be thankful that The Atlantic’s fact-checking department has no purview over the magazine’s website.” Goldberg subsequently appended this clarification: “”When I implied above that a magazine with standards would not allow Andrew to misinterpret history, I should have stated that the Atlantic’s website has no fact-checking standards, and not that it has no standards at all.”
Goldberg has now formulated a unilateral disengagement plan from Sullivan, but not before issuing this parting shot: “Yes, it’s upsetting that Andrew Sullivan, a man of obvious intellectual gifts (and someone for whom I retain great personal fondness), has become an anti-Israel propagandist. But it’s not my job to counter everything he says….” That would be a full-time job, and it would not be in the best interests either of Golberg or of the Atlantic, but it is nice to have Goldberg’s testimony on the record from inside the asylum.
Via Repubclic.


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