Is breathing room anything like Lebensraum?

The AEI Irantracker’s most recent news roundup provides excerpts from remarks by Iran’s Presdient Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressing a seminar on job creation:

* “The Islamic revolution of Iran is a humane revolution reaching beyond the geographic boundaries of Iran…”
* “Our second duty is an efficient presence in the international arena…”
* “How can we work outside the international relations? International relations impact all nations…”
* “The Iranian nation will never submit to the pressure of the hegemonic powers…”
* “Wherever we want to travel, the imperialists approach the authorities of that country and pressure them not to invite Iran. Wherever we desire to sign contracts, they go and pressure that country and ask why they want to engage with Iran. They think they can restrict Iran. In the beginning, they said that they had to change the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but after a time they understood that their statements were futile. Afterward they said that the Islamic revolution of Iran had to be contained within a certain geographic region…”
* “Our existence and our breathing room require that we expand our borders of conflict even closer to the command centers of the enemy. One who sits and waits for the enemy approaching the borders and pressure him will be forced to dress in the robe of misery. We see that they say ‘we are concerned about Iran’s presence in Latin America, Asia and Africa,’ since they have seen that wherever Iran goes, search for justice, dignity, humanitarianism and humane culture rise against their culture of materialism and rebelling against God. They don’t want us to be present in international relations and we see that they choose silence in the face of great victories of the Iranian nation…”

Ahmadinejad appears to have been made progress in his historical studies. In addition, his gibe about the silence of those he deems his adversaries is more or less well deserved. One can only hope that someone is paying attention.


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