Is Eric Holder a coward?

I thought I was being harsh in suggesting that Eric Holder might be a dope. Reviewing the same testimony that evoked my suggestion, Andrew McCarthy begins by observing: “There is dishonest, and there is asinine. Combine them and you have Attorney General Eric Holder’s congressional testimony on Tuesday.” McCarthy concludes:

Holder clearly believes — as he argued in the amicus brief he withheld from the Senate before his confirmation hearings — that our al-Qaeda enemies should be regarded as common criminals: given Miranda warnings upon capture and endowed with all the due-process protections of civilian defendants. This is an ill-advised position, but it’s not an uncommon one. It is predominant on the academic Left. Yet Holder bobs, weaves, and contradicts himself on the question — whatever it takes to avoid giving us a straight answer about his own beliefs. So who is the coward?

Let’s just say that McCarthy does not mince words in “The corpse has the right to remain silent.”


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