The Debate Is On

For the Democrats, it is one sob story after another. Apparently pretty much everyone in America has lost his home because of medical bills. Now we’ll get to lose our homes because of taxes and insurance premiums. Some of the sob stories don’t make any apparent sense. Sheila Jackson Lee described a 32-year-old lawyer who went to an emergency room three times but was sent away with antibiotics, and eventually died. So Obamacare will cure misdiagnosis? Or is the point that we need better medical care for lawyers? It wasn’t clear.
Patrick Kennedy was given a prominent role, and several Democrats have invoked Ted Kennedy’s name. I think the Democrats seriously misunderstand how most Americans remember Ted.
Paul Ryan is speaking now. It’s night and day; he actually makes sense. Not that it matters, of course.
If you’re not watching C-Span, you can follow the debate online here.


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