Holder on the Way Out?

Eric Holder’s tenure as Attorney General has been rocky at best, but it’s interesting that the first speculation I’ve seen that his days are numbered comes from a foreign source, AFP:

US Attorney General Eric Holder took office pledging a sharp shift away from the last administration’s policies, but an apparent change of heart in the White House could see the top lawyer leave his job. …
[A] series of gaffes, fights with both Republicans and Democrats, and apparent disagreements between him and the White House have left Holder looking increasingly embattled.

That’s true, of course. But why aren’t we seeing such commentary in the American press?

He came under renewed fire when he told lawmakers Tuesday that Osama bin Laden would not be captured alive, and that US officials would read legal rights to the Al-Qaeda leader’s corpse.
But the ridicule and attacks that followed are only the latest blows Holder has faced in the 14 months since he took office….
[T]he final straw for Holder may be the increasing distance between him and Obama on national security issues.
The White House has relented on its original insistence to prosecute five men accused of plotting the September 11, 2001 attacks before a civilian court in New York City. Strongly defended by Holder, the plan was intended in part as a symbolic gesture to showcase how differently Obama dealt with the prickly subject than his predecessor.
Holder has refused to back away from the plan even as reports suggest the White House will agree to prosecute the five men before a military court in return for Republican support for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

The phrase “under the bus” comes to mind. It can’t happen too soon, but the real problem, of course, isn’t Holder, it’s Obama.