What will Professor Liu give up?

President Obama has nominated Professor Goodwin Liu to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Both Paul (here and here) and John (here) have posted comments related to Liu’s nomination.
Among other things, Liu is a left-wing flake. Verum Serum shows that Liu is also a race man; he is a fervent believer in reparations for slavery. Verum Serum posts a 2008 video showing Liu’s contribution to a panel discussion of the PBS documentary “Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep North.” In the video clip, Verum Serum explains, Liu responds to a comment by fellow panelist James. A Joseph, the former Ambassador to South Africa, who had asserted that “racial reconciliation” will ultimately only be possible if reparations are part of the discussion.
According to Liu, the question raised by slavery is: “What are we willing to give up to make things right? Because it’s going to require us to give up something. Whether it is the seat at Harvard, the seat at Princeton…or is it going to require us to give up our segregated neighborhoods, our segregated schools. Is it going to require us to give up our…money? It’s going to require giving up something.” I think it requires him to give up a seat on the Ninth Circuit.