Having a Lousy President is a BFD

One might have thought that Democrats would like to forget Joe Biden’s inadvertently audible observation that the government’s takeover of health care is a “big f******* deal.” Not only because of the profanity, but because Biden’s observation was so banal and inarticulate–in other words, dumb.
But no! President Obama has adopted it as a rallying cry at his official web site, where you can buy a T-shirt that commemorates Biden’s “insight.”
Preserving our health care system is indeed a big deal, which is one reason why so many millions of Americans are determined to make Obama a one-term President. In the Atlanta area, anti-Obama billboards are cropping up, sponsored by a group called Billboards Against Obama. A local news outlet says the billboards “tak[e] freedom of speech and freedom of expression to the limits.” They’re actually quite tame, of course; here is a sample:
If you go to the linked web site, you can contribute to the cost of erecting more such billboards around the country. You should, because having a lousy President is a BFD.