One last reminder to our Dartmouth readers

Voting in Dartmouth’s alumni elections ends on Wednesday, April 7. For the reasons set forth here, here, and elsewhere, I voted for Joe Asch for Trustee and for Mike Murphy’s Dartmouth United slate in the election for Alumni Association Executive Committee.
I urge any Dartmouth alums who are undecided about the Trustee race to visit the web sites of Joe Asch and his opponent, John Replogle. You might also visit the web site of Mort Kondrake, who is running unopposed, in order to decide whether to vote for him or sit that one out, as I did. However, Kondracke’s site is substantively identical to that of Replogle. This makes makes sense, I suppose, since they are joined at the hip, having been hand-picked by the Dartmouth establisment not to rock the boat.
The Replogle/Kondracke sites consist mainly of (1) endorsements from Dartmouth establishment figures who, from all that appears, see no need to change anything important about the college and (2) distorted assertions about Joe Asch. You will search largely in vain for any explanation of why they should be Dartmouth Trustees or for any ideas about how Dartmouth can be improved.
Joe’s website, by contrast, makes it clear why he is running. His top three issues are: (1) ensuring fiscal prudence, (2) re-committing to undergraduate excellence, and (3) restoring board parity. These are the same core issues Joe writes about with so much insight on something like a daily basis at the Dartblog. Today, Joe has a post that exposes the negative and largely vacuous campaigning of Replogle and Kondracke.
It would be a pity if Joe were to be defeated by another hand-picked Trustee who appears to be clueless about Dartmouth.
You can vote by returning the ballot Dartmouth should have sent you or by going online here.


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