Is B. Obama an Expert on Nuclear Arms Policy?

Sarah Palin, like pretty much every conservative, attacked President Obama’s announcement of a new strategy on nuclear weapons that foreswears development of new weapons and promises not to respond to chemical or biological attacks with nukes. No big story there. But Obama was asked about Palin’s comments by George Stephanopolous, and responded in his usual supercilious manner that “Last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues.”

Which raises the obvious question: what makes Barack Obama an “expert on nuclear issues?” Is there any evidence that Obama has studied issues relating to nuclear armaments? Has he written on them? Has he ever said anything especially intelligent on them? No. This is a subject on which, to my knowledge, everything Barack Obama has ever said or written has been vapid if not childish. It is revealing, I think, that he adopts an easy air of superiority even on those topics as to which he has no expertise and scarcely any interest. American voters do not like arrogance, and Obama is a uniquely arrogant politician.
Michael Ramirez, meanwhile, sums up the silliness of Obama’s newly-proclaimed nuclear policy. Click to enlarge:


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