“Special Interests Flock to Donkeys”

The full headline from the Examiner is, “Dems cleaning up in record congressional fund-raising, special interests flock to donkeys.” That’s a little unfair, in that just about anyone who has a business to protect from government predation is obliged to hire lobbyists and enlist Congressional supporters. Not all interests are “special.” But those who want something from government are always more comfortable dealing with Democrats. Every now and then, Republicans actually stand on principle.
The Examiner’s Mark Tapscott, drawing on data from Capital Eye, documents the flood of cash finding its way to the Democrats:

Capital Eye Blog reports that Democrats are absolutely cleaning up on the fund-raising front as the 2010 mid-term congressional election campaign swings into higher gear. …
What is perhaps most eye-opening here is the degree to which major special interest groups are giving to the incumbent Democrats despite the apparent advantage Republicans have going into the 2010 races, according to CEB:
“People and political action committees categorized by the Center as part of the health sector gave 32 percent more to federal candidates, parties and committees last year compared to 2005, increasing to about $55 million. Of this sum, 58 percent went to Democrats, compared to just 33 percent flowing to Democrats in 2005.

You might think that the defense industry would support Republican candidates. You would be wrong:

[D]efense sector contributions went from 37 percent to Democrats in 2005 to 58 percent to Democrats in 2009.

Of course, corporate money flows mostly to those who are in power, and rich people who are active in politics are mainly on the Left. For the last several election cycles, you could be sure that in any contested race, the Democrat would have more money than the Republican. That will be true again, in most cases, in 2010. But will the Democrats’ vast riches be enough to save them in November? I doubt it.


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