Everything you need to know about the Pulitzer Prize

I wrote here about an idiotic political cartoon that appeared on NPR’s website called “Learn to Speak Teabag.” The cartoon portrays a stammering representative of the Tea Party movement as having no arguments to make about Obamacare other than to repeatedly label it “Socialism” and to accuse its supporters of being Nazis.
The cartoon, in the words of Tim Graham, “satirized” conservatism as a “form of political retardation.” The cartoonist, Mark Fiore, substituted name-calling for argument, just as he baselessly claimed Tea Party movement members do.
Fiore’s cartoon was so bad that even NPR couldn’t defend it. Ombudsman Alicia Shepard said it is “mean-spirited” and claimed that “it doesn’t fit with NPR values, one of which is a belief in civility and civil discourse.”
However, Fiore’s cartoon fits beautifully with the values of the band of liberals who award the Pulitzer Prize. For, as Byron York informs us, the Pulitzer committee announced yesterday that Fiore has won that very Prize. The committee cited Fiore for his “biting wit, extensive research and ability to distill complex issues” which “set a high standard for an emerging form of commentary.”
The last phrase suggests that the Pulitzer Prize committee would like to see more extensively researched and intelligently distilled cartoons like “Learn to Speak Teabag.” Provided, of course, that they target conservatives.


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