Jim Hoft’s APB

Jim Hoft has posted a good report full of links and photographs on infiltrators being driven from yesterday’s tea party tax day protests. Jim reports that “leftist and racist infiltrators were forced to flee at tea party rallies in St. Louis, San Francisco, Oceanside and Greensboro.” He scores the outcome “Patriots-4 Alinsky Thugs-0.”
Jim is asking for help identifying the infiltrator depicted below. Jim reports that the infiltrator slunk off after he was confronted by participants including local blogger Adam Sharp, who confronted the infiltrator “Just know that you’re not going to come here and pretend that you’re with us,” Sharp told the plant. Jim adds that the infiltrator scurried away shortly after Sharp confronted him. (Sharp has posted his inspiring video here.)
Jim asks that readers with information email him at [email protected]
Via Instapundit.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin explores the phenomenon at issue in “Alinsky’s avenging angels: Tea party saboteurs.”