How’s His Handicap?

Remember when Democrats used to criticize George W. Bush for golfing at the wrong time? Maybe there was a crisis somewhere; maybe someone had died in combat; maybe legislation was being debated on the Hill. It didn’t matter. Every time Bush golfed, the Democrats woofed. So it is interesting to see that Barack Obama went golfing today rather than attending the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Maria. This is the 32nd time Obama has golfed since taking office less than a year and a half ago.
Bush? He went golfing 24 times in eight years. If you’re counting, that’s one-eighth of Obama’s rate. No doubt we’ll soon see stories criticizing Obama for golfing while Washington (or Afghanistan, perhaps) burns, right?
PAUL adds: Good point about the double standard on presidential golf. But we should add that Obama was unable to fly to Poland because of the conditions created by the volcano in Iceland. Obama might have found the time to drop by the Polish embassy to offer his condolences, though.