The human right to room service

In his Supreme Court opinion on the unconstitutionality of Jacksonville’s vagrancy ordinance, Justice William O. Douglas somehow found it worthy of note that “Persons ‘wandering or strolling’ from place to place have been extolled by Walt Whitman and Vachel Lindsay.” The Supreme Court, however, never got around to finding a constitutional right to funding for wandering and strolling.
Walt Whitman and Vachel Lindsay might want to check in with their European offices. Mark Steyn reports:

The European Union’s Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry declares that there is a “human right to be tourists” and proposes government-funded vacations, initially for “seniors, youths between the ages of 18 and 25, disabled people, and families facing ‘difficult social, financial or personal’ circumstances”.

Steyn plaintively asks: “But what about imams and transsexuals?”