NASCAR, Guns and Barbecue

I can think of few ways to spend an afternoon more painful than watching cars race around a track. Over and over again. If there is one person I would have sized up as even more motor-sports averse than me, it would be Roger Simon. Yet Roger has just returned from a weekend of NASCAR, guns and barbecue with Texas Governor Rick Perry, and he seems to have enjoyed the experience.
Barbecue and auto racing aside, Roger’s most striking observation is this:

“Perry is a people person on a level I have not quite seen before in politics. You even worry about him, if he ever does make a White House run.
When Rudy Giuliani was Mayor of New York, he had some of that people person thing, throwing out the ball at Yankee games and taking the role of America’s Mayor after 9/11. But he doesn’t have as much charisma as Perry.”

Interesting thought: is Rick Perry the most charismatic politician in America? If so, maybe it’s not so farfetched to think that he could be a factor in 2012.


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