Join Us at the Center of the American Experiment’s Annual Dinner

When Scott and I started writing together around 1990, the first notable conservative to support our efforts was Mitch Pearlstein, the President and founder of Minnesota’s Center of the American Experiment. The Center published some of our early research papers and featured us in several programs. Later, Scott and I both served on the Center’s board. The Center’s Annual Dinner is one of the highlights of the Twin Cities’ political, and sometimes social, calendar, with luminaries ranging from Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev to Bill Bennett and (last year) Charles Krauthammer serving as the featured speaker.
In recent years, I’ve had the honor of emceeing the dinner. I will be doing so again this year. The dinner will be on Wednesday, May 5, and a few tickets remain. Brit Hume of Fox News is the speaker. The cocktail reception is scheduled for 5:30 and the dinner is at 7. The event will be at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis. Go here for more information and to order tickets, which are $150 and up. The dinner will be, as always, a great event, and the Center’s activities on behalf of free enterprise and conservative values are well worth your support. If you are within driving distance of the Twin Cities, I’d urge you to attend.


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