And now, the Jared Allen app

St. Paul Pioneer Press sportswriter Bob Sansevere brings us the good news of the new iPhone application released by Minnesota Vikings defensive star Jared Allen. It features an unusual combination of patriotism and mullets. Here, according to Allen’s page on the iTunes Web site, is what you will find in the new app:

  • History of all American flags. There’s been more than one flag, so be a real American and learn all of them.
  • Mullet Generator — if you’re not cool enough to have a real one, add one to your own pic and send it off to all your friends. You’ll get the idea of how cool you can really look.
  • Pictures of me hunting and playing football (body slamming quarterbacks).
  • Pictures of the mullet militia — if you have a sweet picture of yourself rocking a mullet — email it to [email protected], and if it’s cool enough — I’ll make sure to put it on the app.

Jared also encourages users to “ask me questions and I’ll try to get back to you — just make sure they aren’t dumb.”
Via reader Tom Conroy.
JOHN adds: My wife, queen of iPhone apps, couldn’t resist. This is me, mulletized:


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