Will Stupak country remain Democrat country?

Connie Saltonstall is ending her campaign for the Democratic nomination to succeed Rep. Bart Stupak in Michigan’s First District. I’m happy that she ran because it gave me the opportunity to remember the Senator with my favorite name, Leverett Saltonstall, the Boston Brahmin who represented Massachusetts from 1945-1966.
Connie Saltonstall was running as a pro-abortion Democrat. Her withdrawal clears the way for Garry McDowell who, like Stupak, says he’s anti-abortion. The local party apparatus supported McDowell, and Saltonstall bowed out.
But not graciously. Her parting shot was this: “I can no longer support the Michigan Democratic party when they deliberately sacrifice women’s rights.”
To the extent that liberal Democrats in the district share this sentiment, it will add to McDowell’s difficulties in holding this seat for the Dems.
UPDATE: I wasn’t able to confirm that Connie Saltonstall is related to Leverett. However, the late Senator did have grand-daughter named Connie Saltonstall who was an artist. The Constance Saltonstall Arts Colony in Ithaca, New York is named after her.


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