Who’s Cool?

Maybe there are some good left-wing videos making the rounds that I don’t see; that’s entirely possible. But my impression is that the right currently dominates the multimedia stage. One might say that internet video is the conservatives’ secret weapon. One excellent example is the America Rising video. A friend emailed it to me in January; I posted it here, and since then, more than a million people have viewed it on Power Line via email links. This kind of thing is almost entirely under the radar. The White House probably has no idea how many people are being inspired by this message, and is essentially helpless to combat it.
Currently the best source of creative videos is PJTV. PJTV, run by our friend Roger Simon, has top-notch technology and an excellent stable of talent. Their most recent production is PolitiZoid’s Money For Nothing. We can’t embed it, but follow the link to check it out.
Actually, “money for nothing” sums up quite well the Democrats’ attitude toward our tax dollars, and creative videos are a nice supplement to the reasoned discourse in which conservatives also dominate, as always.


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