A Lesson In Responsibility

I’m not sure what the definition of “chutzpah” is, but they could put a photo of Barack Obama next to the word in the dictionary. Today he blasted oil company executives for “finger-pointing” during recent Congressional hearings:

President Barack Obama excoriated the companies involved in the Gulf oil spill Friday for failing to take responsibility.
In remarks from the Rose Garden after a meeting with cabinet officials about the ongoing spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama lectured the companies involved not only for the spill, but also for the “ridiculous spectacle” of congressional hearings this week in which companies cast blame on one another for the accident.
“I know BP has committed to pay for the response effort, and we will hold them to their obligation,” he said. “I have to say though, I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearing into this matters.”
He accused the companies of “falling over each other to point the finger of blame to somebody else,” and said, “I will not tolerate any more finger pointing.”

Put aside, for a moment, the merits of the issues surrounding the oil spill. The idea of Barack Obama, of all people, lecturing anyone on the need to take responsibility, rather than “finger pointing,” is hilarious. Barack Obama, to my knowledge, has never taken responsibility for anything in his life, and his administration so far has been marked by “finger pointing” to a degree that we have never before witnessed.
Meanwhile, while Obama made the generic comment that there is plenty of blame to go around, he didn’t address the federal government’s remarkable contribution to the oil spill, which so far has been suppressed by the news media.