Bad News In One That Counts

Tonight’s action is basically primaries, but in Pennsylvania’s 12th, Republican Tim Burns is trying to win Jack Murtha’s seat. So far, though, he is falling short; with 50% of districts reporting, Democrat Mark Critz, a former Murtha aide, is ahead 55-43. Not only that, as Michael Barone points out, Critz is running ahead of President Obama in some key areas. So it doesn’t look as though the Republicans will be able to pull off this particular coup.
The fact that Republicans thought they had a legitimate shot at this seat illustrates what a tough year it should be for the Democrats. Moreover, Critz said he opposed Obamacare and cap and trade–although, no doubt, once elected he would vote for such legislation if Nancy Pelosi needs him. Thus, as Barone concludes, his victory, assuming he holds on, “will be hard to spin … as a win for the E. J. Dionne Left.” Heh.


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