The worm has been turned out in Pennsylvania

Fox News has called the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary. It’s Joe Sestak over Arlen Specter. Another Senate incumbent has thus failed to be nominated.
To be fair, Specter is an extremely bright and able man. When he was on your side, you were very happy to have him. Moreover, Specter exercised independent judgment at times, an admirable quality in a Senator, as infuriating as it was for those of us with strong ideological beliefs.
But Specter compromised his independent judgment to suit his political needs. And in the end, it’s difficult to respect a man who will bend to serve his own interests but not the interests of his party.
Give Specter his due, though. He is an almost unerring calculator of his own interests. Thus, even though he lost tonight, he ran a much stronger race against Sestak than he would have against Pat Toomey.


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