High drama in Arkansas

The run-off in Arkansas between Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter should be something to behold. Because Lincoln and Halter ran almost a dead-heat yesterday, the big question is how the 14 percent or so who voted for D.C. Morrison will break.
The conventional wisdom may be that Halter has the edge with these voters, based on anti-incumbent sentiment. On the other hand, Morrison was the most conservative of the three Democrats, so his supporters — or at least those who focused on the issues — may have a tough time voting for the liberal Halter.
The wild card is Republican voters. It’s believed that many voted in the Democratic primary yesterday because that’s where the excitement was, and because the Republican party is still so weak in Arkansas that many down-ticket races are decided in the Democratic primary (having Mike Huckabee as governor for all those years didn’t help the party much because Huckabee didn’t care much about the party).
These Republicans voters will have the opportunity to participate in the Democrats’ run-off. Will they vote for Lincoln because she’s less of a leftist or for Halter on the theory (possibly misguided) that he’ll be easier to beat?
It beats me. Stay tuned.


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