The Loser Letters: A Belated Re-Plug

Paul, who is by no means a religious fanatic, plugged Mary Eberstadt’s The Loser Letters here. The Loser Letters is an apologia for religious belief, in particular Christianity, in the witty form of letters written (from rehab) by a young woman called A. F. (A Former) Christian to leaders of the atheist movement. The letters appeared first on National Review Online.
On our radio show last Saturday, Chad Doughty, sitting in for Brian Ward, and I interviewed Ms. Eberstadt about her book and opened the lines to callers. The response was remarkable. On a beautiful spring day, the lines filled up and the calls never stopped coming. We devoted the entire second hour of our show to the debate. Remarkably, perhaps, the ancient argument between religious belief and atheism is not just alive, but hot.
We were struck by how many atheists called to argue with Ms. Eberstadt. We had no idea there were so many atheists among our listeners! Mary responded with grace and intelligence. When the show was over, Jon Osburn, one of the Patriot’s smartest young employees, came down to the bunker to tell us that the Eberstadt interview was the best one we have ever done. And, hey–we once interviewed Bill James!
So, this is a re-plug. If you are interested in the ultimate questions involved in religious belief, you would be remiss if you miss The Loser Letters. Chad has read it, but I’ve missed it so far and have downloaded it to read on the flight home from this week’s business trip.