Iowahawk explains

Iowahawk explains, in his inimitable style, why he sat out “Draw M******* Day’ (PBUH).” This is only the first of the several reasons he adduces, all of them equally compelling:

[I]t is a well known codicil of Islamic law that visual depictions of their holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are strictly prohibited. Like all religions we should respect their views, and the cartoons (which incidentally I have proudly refused to even glance at) seem only to cause hurt. Yes, they hurt the feeling of millions of Muslims. But, ultimately, they also hurt the misguided cartoonists who produce them. Because let’s face it: having a rusty scimitar hack through your neck can’t be a walk in the park.

There is much more where that came from.
Via Ed Driscoll/Instapundit.