Immigration + Oil Spill = Bad News for Obama

President Obama got a boost from his supporters after Congress enacted Obamacare, but it appears to have been short-lived. Rasmussen Reports finds that the number of voters who strongly approve of Obama’s performance is declining again, while the number who strongly disapprove is rising. The gap now stands at -17:
More broadly, likely voters who disapprove of Obama’s performance now outnumber those who approve by a rather hefty 11-point margin, 55%-44%.
I think the main factor in Obama’s slide is his pro-illegal immigration stance, but the Gulf oil spill may be starting to hurt the administration too. As the effects of the spill continue to be felt over the weeks to come, that issue likely will erode Obama’s support and contribute to a general sense of lack of competence, especially if states are forced to step in and take protective measures in the absence of any effective federal response.
It is interesting that, at a time when attention is focused on almost anything other than health care, the number of voters who favor repeal of Obamacare has risen to its highest level, 63%. I suspect some of that spike may be random variation, but it must also reflect a general loss of confidence in the Obama administration that is spilling over to the health care issue.
May 25 UPDATE: Obama’s decline continues, with his Approval Index now at an icy -20 and his overall approval/disapproval at 42-56. That’s the lowest approval rating among likely voters that Obama has registered thus far in his administration.