Correction on Richard Blumenthal

Last night, in discussing Richard Blumenthal’s dismal record of grandstanding and abuse as Connecticut’s Attorney General, I said that Blumenthal had the owner of the small business, Gina Malapanis, arrested in her home on seven first-degree larceny charges. However, a reader informs me that, unlike most state attorney general, the Connecticut AG has no criminal authority. There is no criminal division in the AG’s office, but rather a separate office, the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney.
The reader notes that “this has seldom been an obstacle to Blumenthal getting his name in the paper for ‘prosecuting’ various unpopular targets.” However, Blumenthal could not have directed the arrest or the criminal prosecution of Gina Malapanis.
I regret the error. It was based on an article that led me to believe, reasonably I think, that Blumenthal was behind the arrest. However, the article does not say he was, and it turns out he wasn’t.


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