Phase Two

Now that the thugs on board the Mavi Marvara have gotten the violence they wanted and instigated, the second stage of Hamas’s operation has begun: protests against Israel around the world. In Paris, peace activists throw rocks and “rip up gratings to be used as projectiles.” Later, they tried to break into the Israeli embassy.
This group of peace activists is in Athens:
This peaceful-looking London lady waves a Hezbollah flag:
This peaceful group is in Karachi:
These peace protesters are throwing rocks on the West Bank:
That’s about all the peace I can stand for now. Fortunately, things weren’t quite so violent in Toronto (courtesy of Joe Malchow):
These people are Israel’s enemies. There is nothing more to be said about it. Israel should continue the Gaza blockade for as long as it thinks its security requires it. They are our enemies, too. I’m pretty sure that most Israelis know the score, and I think most Americans do. The Obama administration? I’m not so sure. This incident may force the President to jump one way or the other; it will be interesting to see what he does over the next few days.