A question for Rory

Nevada gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid is of course the son of the Senate Majority Leader. Reid the father is the man whom Rush Limbaugh calls Dingy Harry. Reid the son is a chip off the old block, but he’s not publicly advertising the fact this year. The Daily Caller notes:

Rory Reid, the son of Senate majority leader Harry Reid, has been careful to distance himself from his unpopular father in his campaign to be Nevada’s next governor.
In his first campaign advertisement, he omits all mention of his last name and opts instead to encourage voters to support “Rory.”
The biography section of Rory’s website also does not mention that he is Reid’s son. The banner at the top of the site simply says “Rory 2010.”

The ad features a bunch of “smart kids” obnoxiously demonstrating their superior political wisdom by asking a series of deep questions. The questions all key off the phrase: “When we choose our next governor, we should remember to ask…”

How about: “…Rory, what’s your last name?”


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