A Citizen Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

I wrote here about the ineptitude of the Toronto Police Department in containing the criminal element that turned out for the G-20 meeting there. Some think I was a little harsh, in that the Toronto PD meant well, but was outsmarted by the rioters. I’m not sure that’s a great defense, but it is noted. Meanwhile, civilization’s first and principal line of defense isn’t the police department, it is the citizenry. So let’s all sing “O Canada” in honor of the young man you see in this video, confronting a looter:

There is a serious point here. The collective power of the citizenry is always far greater than that of any police department. Glenn Reynolds has written that in any “shooter” incident, there is one group of people who, by definition, are present: the victims. Only they don’t have to be victims. They can be armed and dangerous, or, as in the case of this young man, unarmed but still dangerous. A pack, not a herd. All of us need to be ready to fight for civilization, in our own way.


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