Crazed Sex Poodle, Part 2

The Portland Police Department is reopening its investigation into sexual assault charges against Al Gore.

Police said Wednesday they are reopening an investigation into a Portland massage therapist’s allegations that former Vice President Al Gore groped her at an upscale hotel in 2006. In a brief statement, the Portland Police Bureau did not say why it was reopening the investigation.

Maybe it’s because the massage therapist has DNA evidence.
And maybe this breaking scandal is why Gore has been transferring his multi-million dollar real estate into a limited liability company.
UPDATE: At The Corner, Daniel Foster quotes this corroboration from the National Enquirer story:

“She called me on the phone on Oct. 23, 2006. I remember the date because that’s my birthday. She was excited about the massage she had scheduled for that evening — she said it was with former Vice President Al Gore.
“I was shocked when she called back and woke me around 4 a.m. that same night. When I picked up, she was in tears. She told me she was assaulted…Mr. Gore groped her and threw her down on the bed.
“I was shocked and believed her right away. Molly’s never lied to me — she’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever met.”

He also raises an interesting point: nowadays, hotels generally have surveillance cameras that record anything that goes on in hallways. Such tapes have been recovered to provide valuable (or titillating) evidence in any number of cases. Apparently the Portland police never asked the Portland hotel for such tapes, and they are probably long gone by now. Too bad. Frankly, though, I don’t think there is much doubt about the fact that Gore was at the hotel in question on the night alleged by the masseuse, and that he hired her. Surveillance tapes wouldn’t show what happened inside the hotel room, but would verify the length of time she was there.