Food for thought

Elena Kagan isn’t just the potential fifth vote for standard issue left-wing mischief (if the Democrats are able to replace one of the four and a half Justices standing in the way). She’s a cutting edge mischief maker in her own right.
For example, Kagan was unable to testify, in response to a question from Senator Coburn, that the federal government lacks the power under the Commerce Clause to dictate what Americans must eat.
Rob Long at Ricochet is taking this very personally. He writes:

When they came for my gun, I said nothing, because I had no gun. When they came for my capital gains, I said nothing, for (since 2008) I’ve had no capital gains. But when they came for my pimento cheese, my oyster po’boy, my Frito chili pie, I could say nothing, for there was no one else left to speak, and also: my mouth was full.


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