Obama Channels Kagan

Barack Obama is an enthusiastic advocate for partial-birth abortion. Why? Because the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists supports it! As I wrote here and here, the key language in the report that Obama relied on was written not by a doctor–Obama blasted the Supreme Court and President Bush for not heeding the doctors at ACOG–but by Elena Kagan.

Is this incestuous, or what? Kagan, as one of President Clinton’s political operatives, co-wrote a report which was falsely presented to the American public and the federal courts as a pristine, purely scientific document, uncontaminated by any political influence. When the Supreme Court nevertheless refused to find a constitutional right to partial-birth abortion, Barack Obama attacked the Court’s majority for failing to heed the wisdom of “science.” Now he has appointed the very operative who subverted the scientific process to the Supreme Court, where she will no longer have to work behind the scenes. Nice.


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