Big Peace

The latest outpost of the Breitbart empire, Big Peace, was launched today. Big Peace will focus on defense and security issues and will be led by our friend Peter Schweizer, Frank Gaffney and milblogger BlackFive.
In his introductory post, Peter Schweizer writes:

We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we believe that freedom is an essential ingredient and condition for peace.
We are lauching Big Peace on the 4th of July because the American spirit of independence and fight, exhibited by our soldiers, is what ultimately keeps us safe.
And we are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July to celebrate the ideas of freedom and liberty, which are embraced by so many others around the world. The word “peace” has been hijacked by those who don’t believe in peace, but rather believe in appeasement. We intend to take it back. Peace comes from strength. Peace comes from freedom. More people were killed in the 20th century by their own governments than due to any war. Peace is a word devoid of meaning unless it includes liberty.


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