Ah, the contemplative life

Van Jones was the Obama administration’s “green energy czar.” He resigned after it was revealed that he was a communist, a 9/11 truther, a supporter of cold-blooded cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, and a racist with a very low regard for the United States.
So what happened to him? According to Dana Milbank, who heard Jones speak earlier this week, he is “sadder but wiser” now. It seems that losing his White House job has helped Jones gain “perspective” and become downright “reflective.”
Here, for example, is Jones’ perspective on why the Obama administration has faced tough sledding: “We’re trying to build a pro-democracy movement in a country that at least for eight years was run by straight-up authoritarians.” In this context, “Obama has done super-human levels of achievement, but the hole is so much bigger than any other president has faced.”
Things haven’t been easy for Jones lately, but gaining this sort of wisdom must surely provide some solace.
UPDATE: Jones provides solace for Milbank, who concludes his love letter as follows: “If Jones could survive his disgrace, surely Obama can survive his slump.”