NAACP Embarrasses Itself Again

In an effort, presumably, to stay relevant, the NAACP has taken on the Tea Party movement. At its annual convention, the organization adopted a resolution accusing the Tea Party of being racist:

The country’s largest civil rights organization has passed a resolution that condemns racism within the tea party movement.
Delegates approved the resolution Tuesday during the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Kansas City.
NAACP President Ben Jealous has blasted the tea party leadership, saying they need to “be responsible members of this democracy and make sure they don’t tolerate bigots or bigotry among their members.”

Reportedly, the NAACP cut off its live feed so the public could not see the debate on the resolution.
The Associated Press, in reporting on the resolution, repeated the slander that African-American Congressman lodged against Obamacare opponents, but at least didn’t allege that it was true:

Occasional claims of racism have swirled around the tea party. In March, three congressmen said some tea party activists yelled a racial epithet as they walked to the Capitol.

It is a sad day for a once-respected organization; truthfully, though, it has been a long time since anyone has taken the NCAAP seriously.