The desperation of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is South Dakota’s lone member of the House of Representatives. She is a Democrat and a reliable member of Nancy Pelosi’s team in Congress. Now that it’s time for her to face the voters back home, however, Herseth Sandlin is selling herself as an independent. She must think the citizens of South Dakota are first-class rubes.
In the ad below — the first to run in the race on South Dakota television — Herseth Sandlin touts her supposed opposition to “a trillion-dollar health care plan,” i.e., Obamacare. “A trillion-dollar health care plan,” she seems to be saying, is an insupportable monstrosity.

So Herseth Sandln must support repeal of such impossibly costly legislation? Actually, no. According to Herseth Sandlin, “repealing it wouldn’t be a productive way forward.”
I have an idea for a productive way forward: replace Herseth Sandlin with Republican candidate Kristi Noem. Noem says that she supports repeal, and that If full repeal is not possible right away, then we must pursue other options to limit the legislation. (Unfortunately, Noem’s video fact-check of the Herseth Sandlin ad does not point out Herseth Sandlin’s two faces on this issue.)
Will the people of South Dakota please wipe that smile off Herseth Sandlin’s face this November? What a phony.
Via NRO/Campaign Spot.