Alvin Greene speaks

Alvin Greene is the South Carolina Democratic party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate. Readers will recall that Greene, despite running virtually no campaign, easily defeated the candidate supported by South Carolina’s Democratic establishment. He then withstood a challenge to the election and calls that he withdraw due to his arrest on a felony charge of showing obscene photos to a college student.
The Washington Post reports that Greene has finally made his first campaign appearance. It took the form of a speech at the monthly meeting of the local NAACP chapter in his home town of Manning. The meeting had to be moved from its usual venue, a church, to the local public school to accommodate the crowd.
Greene appears to have been on-message, stressing the dire employment situation in South Carolina. He suggested that infrastructure projects put on hold after 9/11, such as an interstate from Michigan to the South Carolina coast, could be restarted. According to the Post, Greene has also suggested that unemployment in the state could be addressed by manufacturing and selling action figures based on his life and military career.
Greene deserves credit for thinking outside the box, I’d say. If he were running against Lindsey Graham instead of Jim DeMint, he might merit consideration.