The Senator from the Washington Post

It’s no secret that Lindsey Graham is the Washington Post’s favorite Republican Senator, a fact I alluded to yesterday. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Dana Milbank has written an over-the-top piece praising Graham’s vote in favor of ultra-liberal Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.
Among other absurdities, Milbank pretends to find something “fresh” in Graham’s stock argument in favor of his vote. In fact, though, it’s the same line he used to justify his vote in favor of Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation — Congress should accord great deference to the president’s judicial nominations.
It’s certainly a defensible position, but one that Republicans are smart to reject, since the Democrats give virtually no deference to the nominations of Republican presidents. Only a liberal, a sucker, or someone seeking praise from the liberal media would accept a regime in which Democratic nominees receive great deference and Republican nominees receive little or none.
Ed Whelan has more in a two-part takedown of Millbank and Graham.