Race: It’s Everywhere

Why is it that suddenly, we are awash in stories about race? This story is farce rather than tragedy, but still, a sign of the times:

A legislative candidate from Wisconsin can’t use a profane, racially charged phrase to describe herself on the ballot, an election oversight board decided Wednesday.
Ieshuh Griffin, an independent running for a downtown Milwaukee seat in the state Assembly, wants to use the phrase, “NOT the ‘white man’s b—-.'”
But the state’s Government Accountability Board voted to bar that wording, agreeing with a staff recommendation that it is pejorative and therefore not allowed.

Here is the remarkable thing: the Government Accountability Board actually voted 3-2 that Ms. Griffin’s proposed ballot description was not “pejorative, profane, discriminatory or [inclusive of] an obscene word or phrase,” but she needed four votes.
PAUL adds: Here’s an idea; let’s have a national conversation about race.


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